Our Floral students are in an assembly line working on senior roses for graduation! Way to go Yeguas!
3 days ago, Somerville ISD
Current 2nd-6th graders don't miss out on a great volleyball/basketball camp with Coach Ellis!!!! Registration will be done when you arrive to camp.
4 days ago, Somerville ISD
5 days ago, Somerville ISD
HS summer school is right around the corner!
5 days ago, Somerville ISD
Parents and family are invited to come celebrate these young men and women as we reflect on their achievements and celebrate the journey to come.
6 days ago, Somerville ISD
Congratulations to our very own DJ Bryant as he officially becomes a Greyhound! Yesterday, DJ signed with Fort Scott Community College to run track! #LeadingTheTribe
6 days ago, Somerville ISD
ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT to get your "S"!!! Put your PRIDE for SOMERVILLE on DISPLAY and help Yegua Athletics PAINT THE TOWN ORANGE!!! If you wish to purchase your 1.5'x2' painted "S" reach out to any Junior High or High School football player! We will sell through May 22nd and weather permitting paint May 25th and 26th. #ForTheTribe
9 days ago, Somerville Athletics
“S” Fundraiser
Come celebrate the seniors as they walk the stage.
10 days ago, Somerville ISD
Join us for 8th grade promotion.
10 days ago, Somerville ISD
The Culinary and Advanced Culinary courses learn the importance of Food Safety and Sanitation. The students take a National Certification test that is recognized in any state in the United States and is good for 5 years. The Food Manager Certification allows students to not only work in the food industry but could also allow them to earn more money. Keyanah Crowl earned her certification at the end of last school year through the ServSafe program. Barbara Taylor, Aubrey Lamb, and George Reyes earned their certification through Always Food Safe.
13 days ago, Somerville ISD
ATTENTION SOMERVILLE!!!! Put your PRIDE for SOMERVILLE on DISPLAY and help us PAINT THE TOWN ORANGE!!! Keep an eye out for athletes coming around to sell you OUR "S". We will sell through May 22nd and weather permitting paint May 25th and 26th. #ForTheTribe
13 days ago, Somerville Athletics
S Fundraiser
Congratulations Yegua!!!!
17 days ago, Somerville ISD
Tonight at the school board we celebrated our Yegua Cheif's and the members of Somerville Intermediate Gentlemen's society. Keep up the good work Yeguas.
18 days ago, Somerville ISD
gentlemen society
Monday, May 15th from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM: Science Exhibition at the Yegua Center.
19 days ago, Somerville ISD
Somerville High School Presents 2nd Annual College and Career Fair Students in grades 8 - 12 will be able to visit with representatives from various area businesses, colleges, and trade schools. This event is to provide students with information that interests them about the businesses, industries, and careers in our community and the surrounding area. Some of these businesses will also offer summer, temporary, part-time, and full-time jobs for those students looking to gain some experience and/or extra income. Wednesday, May 9, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
20 days ago, Somerville ISD
It's the last PTO meeting of the year, come join us for some Street Sweets!!!!
21 days ago, Somerville ISD
A couple of upcoming events/reminders that we would like to share a little more information about with you. 5/15 - All 8th grade students will be participating in the Yegua Science Exhibition on May 15. This event requires students to work with a small group or partner to create a science fair project over a topic of their choice for their final major grade in their science class. Students will have the opportunity to work on their projects in class or at home until the project is due. Rubrics have been given to the students and they are already working on them. Any additional materials that they will need to complete this project WILL NOT be provided aside from the poster that they are required to make since their projects were chosen on their own. If students would like to use a trifold poster over a regular poster board to present their information, that may also be purchased on their own. 5/25 - 8th Grade Promotion is May 25th at 6:30pm in the Yegua Center. We ask that students arrive between 6 and 6:15 where they will check in and wait in the High School Library with an adult while parents go and find their seats in the Yegua Center. They will be escorted to enter the Yegua Center together prior to the start of this event. Students are encouraged to dress nice for this event as they walk the stage for their certificate and awards.
21 days ago, Somerville ISD
Saluting our School Lunch Heroes!! School Lunch Hero Day, May 5, 2023!! Somerville ISD's Lunch ladies are AWESOME! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to being here to feed the students and staff each day!
24 days ago, Somerville ISD
Somerville FFA would like to thank the following groups for participating in our Agricultural Awareness Day. Somerville Farm and Ranch is represented by Rachel Heater, US Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers Amber Owens, Dayziah Petruska, and Dayziah Merecka volunteer, and the Texas Farm Bureau Mobile Learning Unit with Ronda Pfeiffer. Pictured are the representatives and Somerville FFA members who assisted with taking the 1st - 4th graders as they went to different educational exhibits presented by these groups. Also thank you to Ashley and Curtis Shupak for donating Blue Bell ice cream for the students as a special treat.
24 days ago, Somerville ISD
Congratulations to our Salutatorian, Aleena Isom who has been awarded the Smith-Hutson Scholarship at SFA!
24 days ago, Somerville ISD