Somerville Independent School District will cultivate a safe, engaging learning environment that provides positive social, emotional, and academic support for each student to ensure resilient life-long learners.


Cultivating Resilience the Yegua Way.


Student Performance 
1. Provide high-quality instruction for all through academic and post-secondary success through proficiency in reading and math, and implement programs aimed to support college and career readiness in a safe and secure environment. 

Human Resources 
2. Recruit, retain, and develop high-quality teaching staff, who engage in continuous professional development focused on providing viable and relevant student instruction, and who share the responsibility for providing a positive and successful learning environment. 

3. Cultivate partnerships by engaging students, parents, staff, and the community through positive, transparent communication and open collaboration. 

4. Effectively personalize learning for each child through individualized, accelerated learning plans and differentiated instruction. 

Fiscal Responsibility 
5. Maintain a transparent and balanced budget while supporting academic excellence and expanding resources for students and staff.


  1. Every child can learn.

  2. Students always come first.

  3. Our diversity is our greatest asset.

  4. Our schools should be a safe and secure place for our students, staff, and parents.

  5. Feedback loops and self-reflection are imperative for growth.

  6. Teachers direct student outcomes.

SISD Board Approved on July 13, 2022