Photo of Karla Sparks


It is an honor to be serving as Superintendent in Somerville ISD. I look forward to continuing to build partnerships with students, parents, the community, and staff to make our school district the best place to learn and grow.

We are working hard this year to close the learning gap that COVID-19 has caused. We hope you can be our partner in helping us to bridge the gap in learning by reading with your child daily or making sure your child completes their homework.

It is our hopes to allow parents the ability to engage more at school this year. We will gradually try to add more activities into our schedule this year where parents can participate more on campus. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still an issue right now, so I hope you understand why we need to be cautious and slow in our efforts.

Our parents and our community play a vital role in our success rate and I look forward to the day where we are back to normalcy in our efforts to build these relationships.

We have a dedicated school board and we are blessed to have such a hard working staff who are focused on growing our children in Somerville ISD!

Please call me with any suggestions, concerns, or input that you may have. My door is always open!


Karla Sparks

Somerville ISD in 4D