The next Meeting is March 27, 2024, at 6:30 PM in the Administration Bldg. Board Room.


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President- Ben Flencher Jr.,  Vice President- Joni Urbanosky,  Secretary- Mark S. Browning,   Treasurer- Niki Neuendorff, 
Board member- Linda Pinkerton,  Board member- Melissa Tharp, and Board member- Quienshia Griffin are volunteering their time to help organize SEF.  For further information and to let the Foundation Board know of your interest in helping, please contact or




The mission of the Somerville I.S.D. Education Foundation (SEF) is to raise and distribute funds to enhance the educational experience of all Somerville ISD students by providing scholarships and financial support through educational grants to supplement district-wide programs and activities.

Who We Are

Somerville Education Foundation is being established to support and promote excellence within Somerville ISD by providing funding for all types of creative and innovative educational programs and activities that are above and beyond the programs supported by general education money.


The Somerville Education Foundation will support educational excellence to enhance student achievement, to recognize exemplary staff involvement and to foster community support and involvement. In addition, this corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to benefit the Somerville School District located in Burleson County, in the State of Texas. To this end, the corporation shall at all times be operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as now enacted or hereafter amended, including, for such purposes, the receiving of contributions and the making of distributions to organizations that qualify.


The Somerville ISD Education Foundation will achieve its mission by directing resources toward the following goals:

1. Encourage all students to work at their highest potential

2. Provide resources for students to pursue post-secondary education or training to support college and career readiness

3. Support staff for innovation and recognize exemplary teaching

4. Engage the community in assuring a quality education for the leaders and workers of tomorrow