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COVID-19 Student and Staff Protocols

July 21, 2020


Dear Somerville ISD Students, Parents or Guardians,

 Thank you for your support and your patience as we have followed all guidance given to us through Governor Gregg Abbott’s executive orders, Texas Education Agency guidelines, and Burleson County Officials.  The information the district has received over the last few months changes from week to week and day to day.  I can assure you one thing through all of the uncertainty; Somerville ISD and Our Board of Trustees is committed to creating a safe environment for our students and our staff.  Parents will have the option for remote instruction for their child, or face to face at school instruction.  We believe this is a decision that is best left to each parent to make for each individual child, and we will work hard to support each of you as you make a decision.

To ensure that each of our students has access to a high-quality education, Somerville ISD will be transitioning to provide a device for every student along with a single sign on option to access all educational applications the district subscribes to.  Parents will have the flexibility of selecting either remote instruction or face to face learning each six weeks.  We will be sending out a form to choose which option best fits each family’s needs the first week of August. 

Regardless of your choice of instruction each student will have access to their teacher’s instructional materials and textbooks online.  We are aware of the lack of broadband internet service providers in some of our remote areas and we are also working with county officials and a local service provider to improve student and staff access.

 The 2020-2021 school year is currently scheduled to begin August 13th but as you all know we are living through a pandemic with many unknowns.  While we hope for brighter days ahead, the fact is that we are in a waiting game as the situation changes daily.  UIL has just released information today as to the outlook of fall extracurricular activities and Football, Volleyball, & Cross Country are scheduled to begin practice Aug. 3rd and Band is scheduled for marching practice to begin on Sept. 7th. Things may change as new information is updated daily.  We are working on plans and protocols for a safe start of the school year and they should be released by the end of this week.

 We will start online student registration on Tuesday, July, 21st, please make sure you register before August 11th.  Online registration instructions and the link to register will be posted at website or you may click on the link below. Please see steps below to assist in registering your child for the 2020-2021 school year. 


Karla Sparks


 Registration is required for students who are:

-         returning from the 2019 – 2020 school year.

-         new to the District.

-         already approved as transfer students.

Steps to register students that are new to the district:

  • Prior to beginning online registration, gather a copy of the following documents:

    • Student’s social security number (optional but preferred)

    • Proof of Residency - see registration instructions on the left for more information

    • Driver’s license or government issued photo ID of parent/guardian 

    • Student’s birth certificate

    • Student’s immunization record validated by a physician’s signature or stamp

      • Note: Immunizations must be approved by a campus nurse to ensure compliance with the State of Texas Requirements

    • History of School Attendance - student’s last report card or student’s high school transcript

      • Note: If the student has taken any high school courses for credit a transcript showing credit is required to make an appointment with the high school principal or the registrar.

  • Call your student’s school to make an appointment to register your new students:

    • Elementary School and Intermediate School (979) 596-1502

    • High school (979) 596-1534

  • Create an Ascender Parent Portal Account. An email address is required to create the account. More information about Ascender Parent Portal may be found at this link.

Steps to register students who are returning to the district:

  • Log into Parent Portal, using the same login and password from the 19-20 school year.

  • Complete all contact information and forms for each student that you have on your account.

  • Click submit to district

All students registering to attend Somerville ISD in 2020-2021 school year will receive an electronic device.  In order to receive the device you must complete all registration requirements.  Please contact your child’s school if you need assistance with registration.  

Somerville High School 8th-12th - 979-596-1534 

Somerville Elementary PK- 4th & Somerville Intermediate 5th - 7th - 979-596-1502


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