Bell Schedules

Regular Bell Schedule
Students are considered absent if they miss the first 10 minutes of a class.

***JH/HS announcements made at the end of 3rd period.
PeriodStart TimeEnd TimeLength
1st Period7:45 AM8:35 AM50 min
2nd Period8:38 AM9:28 AM50 min
3rd Period9:31 AM10:21 AM50 min
4th Period10:24 AM11:13 AM49 min
5th Period11:16 AM12:06 AM50 min
LUNCH12:10 PM12:40 PM30 min
6th Period12:43 PM1:33 PM50 min
7th Period1:36 PM2:26 PM50 min
8th Period2:29 PM3:20 PM51 min